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Here you can download a lot of different games torrents for PC. All you need to do is to pick some game torrent from the list below, good luck! Also before downloading games torrents you can sort them by categories, navigation menu is in the left side box. For mobile devices users torrents menu is on the bottom side of the page.
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Download Dishonored 2 torrent Game release date: 2016 (11 November)
Genre: Dishonored 2 belongs to Action games
Platform: PC (published by Arkane Studios)
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It's a shade-less well-written than its forebear, but it's significantly better-designed. The Clockwork Mansion will probably go down in gaming among the the alltime greatest missions, and Dishonored 2 could well be be the sport of 20-16.

Download Dishonored 2 Torrent

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Download Takken 7 torrent Game release date: 2017 (June 2)
Genre: Takken 7 belongs to Fighting games
Platform: PC (published by Bandai Namco Studios)
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Fighting games will constantly fight to please their audience. For whatever you should incorporate to make sure the hardcore stay entertained through the games lifespan, others just wish to hit buttons, see gaudy pictures and be amused with only single-player content.

Download Takken 7 Torrent

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Download DiRT 4 torrent Game release date: 2017 (Jun 9)
Genre: DiRT 4 belongs to Racing games
Platform: PC (published by Codemasters)
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As soon as I played Dirt 4 a few months past I was just a little underwhelmed. Lousy controls meant it felt like the automobiles were being dragged round the track as opposed to flying into corners with all the responsiveness of an effective rally car. It presented a learning curve as steep as its forerunner and felt totally uninviting. But having got the opportunity to take a seat using a more fleshed out assemble, Ive totally fallen in love with Codemasters' development.

Download DiRT 4 Torrent

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Download Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 torrent Game release date: 2017 (April 25)
Genre: Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 belongs to Action games
Platform: PC (published by CI Games)
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Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3's choice to go open world is an incredibly clever one on paper. The string is really dedicated and serious to the skill of long distance shooting that enabling the environmental surroundings to improve that makes plenty of sense.

Download Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 Torrent

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Download NieR: Automata torrent Game release date: 2017 (March 17)
Genre: NieR: Automata belongs to Action games
Platform: PC (published by Square Enix)
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From a strictly activity point of view, NieR: Automata places many open world activity role-play games to shame. For recent years, Japanese role-playing games have already been shifting away from turn-based conflicts to something more instant, with From Software's Souls' set being the only one to really collar it thus far. Until now, that's. Platinum Games is famous for making exhilarating activity games with deep, generally unforgiving battle mechanisms. NieR: Automata manages to capture the essence of the games while also simplifying it for crowd accustomed to common activity role-play games.

Download NieR: Automata Torrent

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Download Mass Effect: Andromeda torrent Game release date: 2017 (March 23)
Genre: Mass Effect: Andromeda belongs to Action games
Platform: PC (published by BioWare)
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Mass Effect Andromeda arrives in the tail end of an unbelievable span for large scale role-play match. There are seven gold planets in total, each being investigated with an individual Andromeda boat headed by means of a pathfinder. You happen to be the pathfinder of the human race, Ryder, and following Habitat 7 proves totally uninviting, its your job to find safe living arrangements to your folks.

Download Mass Effect: Andromeda Torrent

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Download Mirrors Edge Catalyst torrent Game release date: 2016 (Jun 9)
Genre: Mirrors Edge Catalyst belongs to Action games
Platform: PC (published by EA DICE)
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Mirrors Edge: Catalyst is, like its predecessor, a first-person platformer focused on free running. The huge switch-up this time is the fact that it’s set in a seamless open world playground, rather than a series of linear levels. Introduced in Catalyst is a kind of grappling hook that attaches to particular points in the world, the mag rope. Upgrading it, and obtaining this, offers new ways to get around the city. While Catalyst is complicated as convoluted and exhilarating when it comes to platforming as its predecessor was, a new combat system that is blemished regrettably holds back the game from being the perfect version of Mirror’s Edge I had been expecting for.

Download Mirrors Edge Catalyst Torrent

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